HP MSR2003 AC Router

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Reduces Complexity and Simplifies Your Network


Differentiator3 SIC (or 1 DSIC and 1 SIC) module slots; 800 MHz RISC processor; 1 GB DDR3 default memory
HeadlineBoosts Agility and Resiliency
HeadlineEnhances Time to Service and Branch Performance
HeadlineIncreases Your Return on Your Investment
HeadlineLayer 3 routing
HeadlineLayer 3 services
HeadlineQuality of Service (QoS)
Key selling pointAddress Resolution Protocol (ARP): determines the MAC address of another IP host in the same subnet; supports static ARPs; gratuitous ARP allows detection of duplicate IP addresses; proxy ARP allows normal ARP operation between subnets or when subnets are separated by a Layer 2 network
Key selling pointAdvanced hardware architecture with multi-core processors ensures reliable, high performance functionality.
Key selling pointBorder Gateway Protocol 4 (BGP-4): delivers an implementation of the Exterior Gateway Protocol (EGP) utilizing path vectors; uses TCP for enhanced reliability for the route discovery process; reduces bandwidth consumption by advertising only incremental updates, and supports extensive policies for increased flexibility, as well as scales to very large networks
Key selling pointCongestion management: supports FIFO, PQ, CQ, WFQ, CBQ, and RTPQ
Key selling pointDeploy advanced features with no additional licensing.
Key selling pointDynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP): simplifies the management of large IP networks and supports client and server; DHCP Relay enables DHCP operation across subnets
Key selling pointIntermediate system to intermediate system (IS-IS): uses a path vector Interior Gateway Protocol (IGP), which is defined by the ISO organization for IS-IS routing and extended by IETF RFC 1195 to operate in both TCP/IP and the OSI reference model (Integrated IS-IS)
Key selling pointMakes administration easier with HPE Intelligent Management Center (IMC) Software.
Key selling pointNested QoS: provides a built-in QoS engine that supports nested QoS (Same to hierarchical QoS) and can implement a hierarchical scheduling mechanism based on ports, user groups, users, and user services.
Key selling pointOpen shortest path first (OSPF): delivers faster convergence; uses this link-state routing Interior Gateway Protocol (IGP), which supports ECMP, NSSA, and MD5 authentication for increased security and graceful restart for faster failure recovery
Key selling pointOther QoS technologies: supports traffic shaping, MPLS QoS, and MP QoS/LFI
Key selling pointReduces management complexity with zero-touch deployment (ZTP) and Dynamic VPN.
Key selling pointReduces your TCO through open standards, power and space savings, and energy-efficient hardware.
Key selling pointRouting Information Protocol (RIP): uses a distance vector algorithm with UDP packets for route determination; supports RIPv1 and RIPv2 routing; includes loop protection
Key selling pointSatisfies medium branches with advanced hardware architecture and high port density.
Key selling pointStatic IPv4 routing: provides simple, manually configured IPv4 routing
Key selling pointSupports branch services with a comprehensive feature set and eases the cloud transition with integrated security.
Key selling pointThe HPE MSR2000 Router Series is a modular platform with a wide range of connectivity options that enables the right design for your needs.
Key selling pointThe HPE MSR2000 Router Series offers high performance routing with up to 1 Mpps forwarding and 400 Mbps of IPSec encryption throughput to meet bandwidth requirements of branch traffic.
Key selling pointThe HPE MSR2000 Router Series simplifies your network through integrated routing, switching, security, and voice, and combines the flexibility of modular upgrades to deliver high-performance medium branch routing.
Key selling pointTraffic policing: supports Committed Access Rate (CAR) and line rate
Key selling pointUser Datagram Protocol (UDP) helper: redirects UDP broadcasts to specific IP subnets to prevent server spoofing
Key selling pointWeighted random early detection (WRED)/random early detection (RED): delivers congestion avoidance capabilities through the use of queue management algorithms
Key selling pointWith advanced hardware architecture, you get reliable, high-performance functionality with multi-core processors.
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What is new supporting pointAdditional features such as ADVPN and hierarchical QoS.
What is new supporting pointEnhances security with built-in IPS and stateful firewall, with optional HPE IPS filter subscription.
What is new supporting pointIntegrates switching with HPE MSR2004 24-port and 48-port GE models.
What is new supporting pointWAN survivability with 4G LTE SIC modules.
What is new supporting pointWired access with available E1/CE1/PRI modules.