HP F1000-EI VPN Firewall Appliance

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High Performance Stateful Firewall Appliances


DifferentiatorHigh-performance VPN firewall with 4 Gbps firewall throughput; 12 dual-personality ports and 2 expansion slots.
HeadlineFull Featured Virtual Firewall
HeadlineRobust Security Against Network Threats
HeadlineWarranty and support
Key selling point1-year warranty: with advance replacement and 30-calendar-day delivery (available in most countries)
Key selling pointApplication layer content filtering: supports mail filtering based on SMTP mail address, titles, attachments, and content; supports Web page filtering, including HTTP URL and content filtering
Key selling pointCentralized management and auditing: provide logging, traffic statistics and analysis, events monitoring and statistics, and mail notification of alarms
Key selling pointDefense against attacks: provides defense against various attacks, such as DoS/DDoS, ARP spoofing, large ICMP packet, address/port scanning, Tracert, IP packets with the Record Route option, and static and dynamic blacklists; also supports binding of MAC address and IP addresses, as well as intelligent defense of worm viruses
Key selling pointOffers high availability (HA) which avoids service interruption since there is no single point failure.
Key selling pointProvides multiple intelligent network analysis and network management monitoring tools to provide real-time feedback on performance.
Key selling pointElectronic and telephone support: limited electronic and telephone support is available from HP; to reach our support centers, refer to; for details on the duration of support provided with your product purchase, refer to
Key selling pointMultiple security authentication services: support RADIUS and HWTACACS authentications, certificate-based (x.509 format) PKI/CA authentication, user identity management (different users own different rights to execute commands), and levels of user views (users of different levels have different management rights)
Key selling pointProvides security protection from Layer 3 through Layer 7 based on Application Specific Packet Filter (ASPF) technology that would detect application layer connection state in real time.
Key selling pointSoftware releases: to find software for your product, refer to; for details on the software releases available with your product purchase, refer to
Key selling pointThe HP Firewall Appliance Series is ideal for core deployment of large enterprises to small-medium branches with a requirement for an appliance.
Key selling pointThe HP Firewall Appliance Series provides DoS/DDoS attack defense, URL filtering, NAT, ALG, Virtual firewall, ACLs and security zones delivering improved security.
Key selling pointThe HP Firewall Appliance Series supports multiple virtual firewalls-each virtual firewall has its own security policy.
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What is new supporting pointHigh throughput, high port density environments with space sensitivity
What is new supporting pointHot swap-able port and power module for zero downtown time environment
What is new supporting pointInvestment protection with upgrade path to Comware 7
What is new supporting pointModular port supports future growth potential
What is new supporting pointThe HP F5000-S and HP F5000C firewalls are high-performance VPN firewalls designed for enterprise data center and campus network deployments.