HP StoreFabric 8/24 Bundled FC Switch

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The HPE 8/24 SAN Switch delivers affordable and flexible 8 Gb/s connectivity and can be incorporated into an extensive core fabric or placed as an edge switch for SAN environments. The 8/24 SAN Switch is ideal for entry and SMB customers requiring a simple, yet flexible networked storage connectivity solution that will meet volving requirements. The 8/24 SAN Switch provides the needed connectivity and flexibility at a price point that is affordable, while delivering industry-leading performance for long-term investment protection. It is a solution that is easy to deploy and requires little management time, reducing operational costs.
The 8/24 Base SAN Switch delivers sixteen high performance auto Sensing 1, 2, 4, and 8 Gb/s Fibre Channel ports. With powerful yet flexible capabilities-such as Ports On Demand scalability to 24 ports in an 8 -port increment -the 8/24 SAN Switch enables organizations to start small and grow their storage networks in a non-disruptive manner. A fully populated 8/24 SAN Switch with 24 enabled ports provides 384 Gb switching (8 Gb full duplex) capacity for un-congested sustained, 8 Gb full duplex throughput. In addition, organizations can choose to initially deploy 4 Gbit/sec SFPs and upgrade to 8 Gbit/sec SFP+ at a later date when necessary.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Superior Performance
    • 8Gb/s full duplex performance to enable up to 384 Gbit/s of uncongested throughput
    • Optional enhanced ISL Trunking combines up to eight ISLs between a pair of switches into a single, logical high - speed trunk capable of up to 64 Gbit/s of throughput
  • Flexible storage connectivity
    • The only SAN solutions providing the complete HPE SAN Switch functionality from Embedded to Enterprise. The HPE B-series line of products allows the capability to apply the complete SAN Switch functionality to an affordable entry level SAN deployment and then to grow that deployment to the largest SAN fabric solutions supported by Hewlett Packard Enterprise
  • Reduced Total Cost of Ownership for SAN Infrastructure
    • Enables storage consolidation, simplified management of data center SAN environment
  • Broadest range of compatibility with SAN products
    • Multi-vendor server and storage environment
    • Widest range of HPE SAN solutions
    • Interoperability with more than 3 Million HPE SAN Switch installed base
  • HPE Power Pack+ Software Bundle (Optional) - Rich, feature packed software that provides the highest supported modular functionality. It includes
    • Fabric Vision
    • Trunking
    • Fabric Watch
    • Advanced Performance Monitor
    • Extended Fabric
  • Broadest Range of HPE Packaged SAN Services
    • Mission critical SAN Services SAN-ES
    • Assessment and installation services for security
  • Highest integration with Storage Essentials via:
    • SAN Switch API
    • SAN Switch element managers
  • Unique Bundle model
    • The HPE StoreFabric 8/24 8Gb Bundled Fibre Channel switch model facilitates ease of ordering with more affordability by offering the HPE 8/24 Base SAN switch along with sixteen 8Gb optical transceivers in one package
    • The HPE StoreFabric 8/24 8Gb Bundled Fibre Channel switch model is offered at a lower price than the sum of the list prices of the HPE 8/24 Base SAN switch and the 8Gb optical transceiver