Virtual Connect FlexFabric 10GB/24-port Module for c-Class BladeSystem

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Part Number: 571956-B21
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HP Virtual Connect FlexFabric 10Gb/24-port Module for c-Class BladeSystem


Availability featuresLink Aggregation Protocol; Automatic loop prevention; Mirrored profile database; Multi-path heartbeat between redundant modules
Blades per enclosure, maximum16
BladeSystem supportedHP ProLiant; Integrity Servers
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ENERGY STARŪ qualifiedNo
Feature1.2 ps on Ethernet only ports; 1.7u ps Enet/FC ports
Feature12V @ 9.17A (110 W)
Feature16 x 10Gb downlinks through the midplane; 2 x 10Gb cross connect links; 4 x 10Gb SR, LR fiber and copper uplinks SFP+; 4 x 10Gb SR, LRM and LR fiber and copper uplinks SFP+; 1 internal interface to c-Class Onboard Administrator Module
Feature8 buffer credits per port, ASIC embedded memory
FeatureBuffer credits
FeatureLine Rate, full-duplex 240Gbps bridging fabric; Non-blocking architecture; Maximum transmission unit (MTU) of up to 9216 bytes (jumbo frames)
FeaturePower specification
FeatureProduct differentiator
FeatureRecessed Momentary Reset Switch; Momentary Next/Step Switch; Backlit port number, configuration and status indicator LED, one perbulkhead port, blue/amber/green; Module status indicator, amber/green; Module locator (UID), blue; Link indicator, one per SFP+-port, green/amber/orange; Active multiplexed port indicator, green
FeatureVirtual Connect FlexFabric 10Gb/24-port Module for c-Class BladeSystem
HeadlineFlexible configuration of network and storage connection quantity and performance
HeadlineSimplify the Server Edge with 95% Consolidation and Faster Deployment of Network Connections
HeadlineUpgrade your network with investment protection and no process changes
Ideal forData centers with servers requiring multiple connections to networks and external storage
Key selling point100% compatible with current networks: Seamless connection to existing industry standard data and storage networks avoids fork-lift upgrades.
Key selling pointBuilt on proven HP BladeSystem technology: Requires no changes to HP BladeSystem c-Class Enclosure components.
Key selling pointFine-tune performance: Fine-tune the performance of each data and storage connection to meet the needs of each virtual machine and workload.
Key selling pointIncrease storage connection performance: Connect to servers using full hardware offload of iSCSI and FCoE protocol processing minimizing the impact on host CPU performance.
Key selling pointMaintain current IT processes: Direct uplink connections to LAN and SAN maintain your current IT practices, unlike other solutions that reroute SAN traffic to the LAN.
Key selling pointOne flexible interconnect connects to any network: One device supports most common data center network protocols: Ethernet, Fibre Channel, iSCSI.
Key selling pointOne standard for all connection needs: One VC FlexFabric module meets any data and storage connection need with license-free, multi-protocol support for Ethernet, Fibre Channel, Fibre Channel over Ethernet and Accelerated iSCSI connections.
Key selling pointOptimized for hypervisor i/o requirements: With Flex-10 two modules provide 6 FlexNIC and 2 FlexHBA connections to each server, the best practice network configuration for most hypervisors.
Key selling pointProvides 4:1 consolidation of interconnect equipment: Each HP VC FlexFabric module can replace up to three Ethernet and one Fibre Channel switches in an HP BladeSystem enclosure
Key selling pointReduces networking TCO at the server edge: Save up to 65% on equipment resulting in more than $1M savings for only 15 enclosures. Save another 40% on power and cooling costs per year
Key selling pointSimplifies connection management: Wire-once, then add, move and change network connections to 1000's of servers in minutes vs. days from one console without affecting your LAN and SAN
Key selling pointThe HP Virtual Connect FlexFabric 10Gb/24-port Module cuts 95% of hardware to connect servers to networks: Only two VC FlexFabric modules connect an enclosure of HP server blades to both data and storage networks, eliminating multiple switches, cards, and cables
Key selling pointUltra-fast 10 Gb server-to-server performance: Perform ultra-fast communication between virtual server hosts and moves and recoveries with hardware-based 10 Gb performance.
Key selling pointVirtual Connect (v3.30 and greater) improves network visibility for troubleshooting from a command line interface with secure access for network teams via TACACS+ or RADIUS
Management featuresEmbedded Virtual Connect Manager for provisioning, connection management and network troubleshooting up to 4 enclosures from one console; Simple and intuitive Graphical User Interface (GUI) and Setup Wizards; Command Line Interface supporting all functions plus network troubleshooting; server port mirroring on any uplink; embedded SNMP v1, v2
Media type technologyOptional HP 10Gb SFP+ SR, LR, and LRM modules and 10Gb SFP+ Copper cables in 0.5m, 1m, 3m, 5m, and 7m lengths
Minimum dimensions (W x D x H)27 x 35.26 x 12.07 cm (shipping)
Port speed10 Gb
Product classification flagStandard HP Product
Product descriptionHP Virtual Connect FlexFabric 10Gb/24-port Module for c-Class BladeSystem
Product nameHP Virtual Connect FlexFabric 10Gb/24-port Module for c-Class BladeSystem
Product number571956-B21
Protocol supportedEthernet; Fast Ethernet; Gigabit Ethernet; SNMP 1; SNMP 2; HTTP; HTTPS; Fibre Channel; Fibre Channel over Ethernet; Data Center Bridging
Registration requiredNo
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