Wireless Motion Sensor ALMDT-2000

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Product Details


Wireless motion sensor to alert you or your neighborhood when motion is detected (siren needed).


  • Detects movement from unwanted visitors in your home
  • Long battery life and battery low indication to make sure the system always works
  • Secure 2-way communication at 868 Mhz (no WiFi interference) with an indoor range up to 70 meter and outdoor range up to 120 meter
  • In combination with the siren, the status of the sensor is constantly checked by the siren to make sure your home remains secure
  • By combining this sensor with siren and the OCTOPUS Control Station you can receive a push notification on your tablet and/or smartphone when motion is detected
  • Anti-tamper system: the siren will be activated when the sensor is removed or opened
  • Comes with infrared-sensor, useable at night
  • No payment of monthly fees required
  • Easy to install; no need to call an electrician
  • Horizontal detection angle of 120 degrees; range up to 15 meters


  • Compatible with all Trust Smart Home security products and OCTOPUS Control Station
  • OCTOPUS Control Station needed to allow for communication via smartphone and tablet
  • 2x Alkaline AA type 1,5 V battery (not included)