Luxriot Vms Advanced Software (9 Channels)

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Part Number: TV-VMS009
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RENDnet Luxriot VMS Advanced software, model TV-VMS009, offers industry leading camera management functionality. It supports all TRENDnet cameras and over 3,000 other cameras from over 100 camera brands . It is compatible with Windows and Windows Server operating systems and features Run as Service support. The TV-VMS009 supports up to 9 camera installations and 3 viewing connections. Camera viewing controls include preset viewing options, customized layouts, and support for multiple monitors. A video server function provides remote viewing, from a browser, on mobile devices and computers.
Recording options include continuous, motion, and event trigger. Users can record a single video stream to multiple locations and can manage recordings by time or by storage space. A disk clean feature optimizes drive space. Archived video search and playback is offered in single camera or multi-camera modes. In single camera mode a convenient visual timeline displays continuous and motion recordings over time. Users can search archived video for motion within a specific window. Multi-camera search displays recorded video from all cameras for a given time. Bookmark specific times and move forward or backward frame by frame.


  • Compatible with 100+ camera brands and 3,000+ camera models
  • 9 camera support
  • Run as Service support
  • Advanced multi camera archived video search
  • Advanced camera viewing and recording


  • Cameras supported : 100+ brands and 3000+ camera models
  • Max. cameras : 9
  • Local client connections : 3
  • Remote client connections : 3
  • Run as a service
  • Multi-Camera Search: view archived video from all cameras at same time
  • Multi-Camera Jump: jump to a specific date and time for all archived videos
  • Detailed Time: Display archived videos in milliseconds
  • Multi-Camera Seek: Jumps forward or backward 10 seconds, 1 minute, 10 minutes, or 1 hour
  • Multi-Camera Seek to beginning or end
  • Multi-Camera Mark Region: Place a beginning mark, an end mark and loop between markers for all cameras
  • Multi-Camera Single Frame: Advances or rewinds video for all cameras by a single frame
  • Multi-Camera Bookmark: Store up to nine bookmarks and jump to a specific bookmark for all cameras
  • Camera Viewing
    • Preset viewing layouts
    • Full screen viewing mode
    • Customizable view sequencing
    • Bring motion video to front
    • Multiple monitor support
    • Remote computer access
  • Mobile Device Viewing
    • Apple iOS (iPad/iPhone) Web Based Viewing
    • Android OS Web Based Viewing
    • Windows Phone OS Web Based Viewing
  • Camera Search and Playback
    • Event timeline outlines motion and recording over time
    • Search recording by motion within specified viewing area