1GB 240pin DDR2 800 Unbuffered DIMM With 128mx8 Cl5

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The TS128MLQ72V5J is a 128M x 64bits DDR2-533 Unbuffered DIMM. The TS128MLQ72V5J consists of 18pcs 64Mx8bits DDR2 SDRAMs in 60 ball FBGA packages and a 2048 bits serial EEPROM on a 240-pin printed circuit board. The TS128MLQ72V5J is a Dual In-Line Memory Module and is intended for mounting into 240-pin edge connector sockets. Synchronous design allows precise cycle control with the use of system clock. Data I/O transactions are possible on both edges of DQS. Range of operation frequencies, programmable latencies allow the same device to be useful for a variety of high bandwidth, high performance memory system applications


  • JEDEC standard 1.8V ± 0.1V Power supply
  • VDDQ=1.8V ± 0.1V
  • Max clock Freq: 267MHZ; 533Mb/S/Pin.
  • Posted CAS
  • Programmable CAS Latency: 3,4,5
  • Programmable Additive Latency :0, 1,2,3 and 4
  • Write Latency (WL) = Read Latency (RL)-1
  • Burst Length: 4,8(Interleave/nibble sequential)
  • Programmable sequential / Interleave Burst Mode
  • Off-Chip Driver (OCD) Impedance Adjustment
  • MRS cycle with address key programs.
  • On Die Termination
  • Serial presence detect with EEPROM