Rhino 4200 - Label Printer - 19mm - Qwerty

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The RHINO 4200 is an all new hand held, portable printer. Perfect fora a wide range of industrial labelling jobs onsite, in the office or even at home. Dymo's "Hot Key" feature are short cut keys for creating and formatting cable and wire wraps, barcode labels and common label layouts. The Rhino 4200 features a new "Favaourites and a "Custom" key which help save time and money.


  • Handheld & Easy to use
  • LCD Display
  • Takes 6/9/12 & 19mm Dymo Rhino Tapes
  • Hot key Flag for labelling wires & cables
  • Serial key provides automatic incremental printing
  • Vertical printing
  • Prints 2 lines of text in 3 sizes
  • 3 styles of printing
  • Requires 6 AA batteries (not included)