Dymo Labels Adress 89 28mm

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These "99010 Jumbo Rolls" fit a whopping 1050 shipping labels on to each roll, and there are two rolls in each pack. So that's 2100 labels per pack compared to 260 labels in a box of standard 99010 address labels.

As well as less time spent changing rolls these Jumbo Rolls also offer a significant saving over the standard 99010 address labels - You get 8 times as many labels for about HALF the cost! This is because it is much more expensive to manufacturer, wrap and box 8 standard rolls than it is for 1 jumbo roll.


Colour:  White
No of Labels:  2 rolls of 1050 (2100 labels)
Label Size: 89mm x 28mm
Label Type:  Paper
Adhesive:  Permanent Adhesive
Compatible with:  Labelwriter 4XL ONLY (not LW400 or LW450 series)