Kensington Master Key / Solution Pack Of 25 Locks

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Improve office security
Keep your workspace secure with the Kensington MicroSaver Master Key Pack. This set protects from notebook and data theft. It contains 25 locks, each featuring high-carbon steel cables, a patented T-bar design and two master keys.

Protect hardware and data
Whether you're a business owner, manager or employee, you need to protect your electronic assets. Kensington locks, such as the MicroSaver, protect more than just your hardware--they safeguard your business and personal data.
Kensington MicroSaver Master Key pack Product Shot

Personal lock system
The Kensington MicroSaver Master Key Pack offers a high level of protection for your business technology with 25 locks that are keyed differently and two master keys for universal access. This personal lock system gives employees the power to protect their laptops no matter where they do business--in a conference room, home office or cafe.

Master keys save time
The two included master keys offer a quick and easy solution for misplaced or lost keys requiring new locks, minimizing downtime. They also give IT staff universal access to unlock equipment for upgrades, relocation or replacement.

This product is compatible with the following systems:
- Latitude 100L
- Latitude 110L
- Latitude 120L
- Latitude 2100
- Latitude 2110
- Latitude C400
- Latitude C540
- Latitude C610
- Latitude C640
- Latitude C840
- Latitude D400
- Latitude D410
- Latitude D420
- Latitude D430
- Latitude D500
- Latitude D505
- Latitude D510
- Latitude D520
- Latitude D530
- Latitude D531
- Latitude D600
- Latitude D610
- Latitude D620
- Latitude D620 ATG
- Latitude D630 ATG
- Latitude D631
- Latitude D800
- Latitude D810 (Integrated Graphics)
- Latitude D820
- Latitude E5400
- Latitude E5410
- Latitude E5500
- Latitude E5510
- Latitude E6400
- Latitude E6400 ATG
- Latitude E6400 XFR
- Latitude E6410
- Latitude E6500
- Latitude E6510
- Latitude L400
- Latitude LS
- Latitude X1
- Latitude X300
- OptiPlex 210L DT
- OptiPlex 210L MT
- Optiplex 320 DT
- OptiPlex 330 DT
- OptiPlex 745 USFF
- OptiPlex 745c
- OptiPlex 755 DT
- OptiPlex 760 DT
- OptiPlex 760 USFF
- Optiplex 780 DT
- OptiPlex 960
- OptiPlex FX160
- OptiPlex GX620 MT
- OptiPlex SX280 DT
- Precision M20
- Precision M4300
- Precision M4500
- Precision M50
- Precision M60
- Precision M6300
- Precision M65
- Precision M6500
- Precision M70
- Precision M90
- Precision Workstation 370 DT
- Precision Workstation 390
- Precision Workstation 470
- Precision Workstation 490
- Precision Workstation 670
- Precision Workstation 690 MT
- Precision Workstation T3400
- Precision Workstation T5400.


Lock typeRound key
Cable length1.8 m
Cable diameter6 mm
Number of keys provided2
Cable lock security featuresMaster Keyed, T-Bar
Colour of productOrange, Stainless steel