Dell 1 GB DDR2 667MHz DIMM 2rx8 Non-ECC

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Supercharge your dell™ system with a dell memory upgrade engineered, tested and customized for your system. dell memory is another great product from dell - high quality at an excellent price. adding more memory revs your system's engine and allows you to release its full potential when working with 3d imaging, multimedia, and other memory intensive applications. with dell memory we also offer a limited lifetime warranty and the benefits of dell's service and support. maximize the value of your computer investment with an easy-to-install, reliable dell memory upgrade. trust only dell memory for your next dell system upgrade! dell™ branded memory offered in the memory selector is fully compatible and supported by dell. memory offered now may differ in speed from the original system memory but has been qualified to work in the system. when mixed, the memory will perform at the lowest speed populated or the highest speed allowed by the system.