Dancing Lightshow Water Speakers - Superior Set (clldwaspkset)

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A speaker set that stands alone in terms of quality and entertainment.the Conceptronic Dancing Lightshow Water Speaker Set provides exceptional sound quality as well as featuring multi-coloured LED lights and liquid that pulsates in time to the music. A premium product that sits at the very top of the Dancing Water Speaker tree, the set connects via a 3.5mm plug to a computer, laptop, PDA or MP3 player. The listening experience is enhanced further with an LED-light touch-wheel for bass and volume control, as well as for turning the dancing lights on and off. The 2.1 HiFi set features two exceptional full range satellite speakers, each with a high-precision micro-driver. A powerful long-throw subwoofer with bass and treble control completes the set by adding clarity, depth and tonality to the music under any listening conditions. Dancing lights can set the mood of any event, whether it is a party or simply a relaxing session at home listening to the old favourites. No longer simply a cool, fun set of speakers, the Conceptronic Dancing Lightshow Water Speakers - Superior Set offers premium quality for an advanced and sophisticated listening experience.


  • Provides high sound quality(Hi-Fi)
  • 6 multi-colored LED lights
  • Compatible with any 3.5mm audio line-in device: PC,NB, home theatre, smart phone CD and MP3 players
  • Plug and play
  • Including volume control, LED light on/off, and power switch
  • USB powered


  • Dimensions satellite speaker - Width (in mm) 84.8mm
  • Dimensions satellite speaker - Height (in mm) 88.8mm
  • Dimensions satellite speaker - Length (in mm) 80.8mm
  • Dimensions subwoofer - Width (in mm) 230mm
  • Dimensions subwoofer - Height (in mm) 327mm
  • Dimensions subwoofer - Length (in mm) 230mm
  • Length (in mm) 327
  • Width (in mm) 230
  • Height (in mm) 230
  • Product Weight (in grams) 3320