Cisco Firesight Management Center Virtual (vmware) Firesight License

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Cisco FireSIGHT Management Center provides total visibility into everything on your network:physical and virtual hosts, operating systems, applications, services, protocols, users, geolocation information, content, and network behavior as well as network attacks and malware. This security management console and database repository is the centralized point of event and policy management for your security operations. It allows you to automatically aggregate and correlate information generated by the Cisco ASA with FirePOWER Services and Cisco FirePOWER physical or virtual appliances deployed in your network. Cisco FireSIGHT centrally manages network security and operational functions, including event monitoring, analysis, incident prioritization, and reporting, so that you can better protect your business. It also reduces your costs by streamlining operations and automating many commonly recurring security analysis and management tasks.


Trends and high-level statistics

  • It helps managers and executives understand security posture at a moment in time as well as how it's changing,for better or worse.

Event detail,compliance,and forensics

  • It provides an understanding of what happened during a security event to improve defenses and support breach containment efforts and aid in law enforcement and legal actions.


  • It can easily export data to drive responses to an event,improving response management.