Wireless File Transmetter Wft-e1 For Eos 1ds Mark II

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The WFT-E1 Wireless File Transmitter is designed to enable photographers to transfer their images from their camera through a wireless network to a computer, whilst not interfering with the process of taking pictures. The key advantage is to provide a faster workflow for professional photographers, allowing them to concentrate on the process of picture taking while the transfer happens automatically in the background. The WFT-E1 takes its settings from the camera itself. So if you have multiple cameras they can all be set up individually and simply by plugging the WFT-E1 in, the device will then collect the settings from the camera and connect to the network accordingly. This means that if you are shooting with two or three cameras you might only need a single wireless LAN transmitter and just plugging it into the camera means it will start transmitting as per the set-up for that individual camera.


  • Studio
    We have the studio category where, particularly with the EOS-1Ds Mark II and even more so with the 20D for portraits, it will enable the preview of images on a large screen much more easily and quickly whilst the shoot is taking place. The lack of wires in the studio allow the photographer to move around the studio with greater freedom whilst preventing models and photographers falling over loose trailing cables. So this is an area where we see a high usage for this unit. 
  • Sports
    The second application is within sports photography, particularly where it’s in an arena or, indoor sport where there is fairly controlled and confined activity. Here it is possible to set-up multiple access points for the network and the cameras then can just be shooting. They’ll connect to the appropriate network device and send the images straight from the touchline of the football pitch or the baseline of the tennis court. 
  • News and Fashion 
    For news events, fashion shows or premieres the ability to get the pictures delivered to the editor quickly is essential. And so a photographer shooting from the photographer’s pit or location could be wirelessly transmitting the images to a colleague either inside the building or even possibly outside it - it depends on the network range. So those images are much more rapidly available for publication. 
  • Events - weddings, parties, etc.
    In event photography, weddings, parties, or social gatherings, the idea is of a photographer being there concentrating on the moment. But while he’s shooting, the pictures are automatically transferred off to a computer where they can be previewed or even printed on the spot. It’s ideal for a ‘pay for print’ situation.


Type Image transfer accessory compatible with IEEE 802.11b/IEEE 802.11g wireless LAN and Ethernet
Wireless LAN
Standards Compliance ARIB STD-T66 (data transmission system)
IEEE 802.11b/IEEE 802.11g
Transmission Method DS-SS modulation (IEEE 802.11b), OFDM modulation (IEEE 802.11g)
Transmission range Approx. 60 m / 197 ft (with normal antenna)
Approx. 150 m / 492 ft (with extended range antenna)
* Link speed IEEE 802.11b: 1 Mbps, IEEE 802.11g: 6 Mbps
* With no obstructions between the transmitting and receiving antennas and no radio interference.
* With the high-performance, large antenna attached to the wireless LAN access point.
Transmission frequency WFT-E1: 2412 MHz - 2472 MHz (Central frequency, total 13 channels)
WFT-E1A: 2412 MHz - 2462 MHz (Central frequency, total 11 channels)
Link speed 1/2/5.5/6/9/11/12/18/24/36/48/54 Mbps
Connection method Infrastructure or ad hoc (IEEE 802.11b only)
Security Authentication method: Open, shared key, WPA-PSK
Encryption: WEP, TKIP
Power consumption Max. approx. 3.5 W
Wired LAN
Standards Compliance IEEE 802.3u (Ethernet 100BASE-TX)
Camera connection IEEE 1394 port (6-pin), USB 2.0 port (Type A)
Personal computer Connection RJ-45 for Ethernet
Continuous Image Transfer Time
Wireless LAN At 20°C / 68°F: Approx. 180 min., At 0°C / 32°F: Approx. 120 min.
Wired LAN At 20°C / 68°F: Approx. 270 min., At 0°C / 32°F: Approx. 180 min.
Power Source
Battery Battery Pack BP-511A/514/511/512
AC power AC Adapter Kit ACK-E2
Dimensions and Weight
Dimensions (W x H x D) 140 x 26.3 x 65 mm / 5.5 x 1.0 x 2.6 in
Weight Approx. 165 g / 5.82 oz (including normal antenna. excluding battery)
Operating Environment
Working temperature Range 0°C - 45°C / 32°F - 113°F
Working humidity 85% or less
Extended Range Antenna ERA-E1 (optional)
Max. diameter x length 60 x 191 mm / 2.36 x 7.52 in
Weight Approx. 100 g / 3.53 ozg
Cable length 1.5 m / 4.92 ft