Ink Cartridge Bci-1431 Magenta

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With Canons unique pigment ink system, users will get brightly colored prints that are fade and water resistant. The addition of an enhanced yellow ink broadens the color gamut, for rich, vibrant tones, particularly in the red to yellow range of the spectrum. The light fastness of the prints is measured at about 70 years for prints presented under glass. The availability of matte black ink is crucial for photo and fine art printing. The user has the ability to choose regular or matte black ink, depending on the media. The regular black ink has been encapsulated with polymer coating optimized for printing on glossy surface. However, for matte surface, polymer interferes with the surface treatment of matte coating, giving it a duller look. Matte black has no polymer coating, which is optimum for matte surface.


  • Ink Tank Bci-1431m Magenta