Rj45 10 Pin/db9f Modular Adapter Grey

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Using modular adapters with inexpensive silver satin or flat oval twisted-pair wire has become a popular way to run client server applications. Many network planners have implemented modular adapters as the most cost-effective way to complete connections. Whether used in a wiring closet or throughout the office, colour-coded modular adapters from Cables To Go lend easy identification and differentiation to your cable plan. By colour coding your connections, you cut down on troubleshooting time while taking full advantage of the benefits of this modular adapter approach.


  • Cables To Go will assemble any adapter (for a nominal labour charge) to fit your application so that the adapters are ready to use upon arrival. Just give us a call and we'll do the rest!


  • Connector : RJ45 10-Pin/DB9F
  • These modular adapters are not functional until they are assembled
  • There is not a universal way to assemble them, so contact your hardware manufacturer for details
  • Weight : 0.021 kg