Fritz! Box Fon WLAN 7330

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The FRITZ!Box 7330 is ideal for newcomers to home networking and will connect your devices to each other as well as to the Internet. Lightning-fast speeds thanks to ADSL2+/ADSL. High-speed WLAN for wireless surfing, an integrated media server, a phone system with base station for cordless telephony, and a whole range of convenient features make the FRITZ!Box 7330 the ultimate communications nerve center.

Features & Benefits

  • Fast Internet thanks to latest ADSL2+/ADSL2 technology
  • Wireless network via WLAN N with up to 300 Mbit/s in the 2.4 GHz band
  • Telephone system (PBX) for Internet and analog fixed-line telephony with integrated answering machine and fax reception
  • Integrated DECT base station for connecting up to six cordless telephones
  • Two USB ports for storage media, printers and UMTS sticks
  • Integrated media server for music, images and videos
  • NAS functionality (FTP, SMB, UPnP AV)
  • MyFRITZ! - access your FRITZ!Box securely from anywhere in the world
  • Integrates iPhones and Android smartphones into the home network over WLAN and makes fixed-line and Internet telephony possible


  • Integrated DSL modem for ADSL (6 Mbit/s) and ADSL2+ (24 Mbit/s)
  • Router can also be operated using a cable modem or UMTS stick
  • Supports the new IPv6 Internet Protocol
  • WLAN radio networks in line with 802.11n (up to 300 Mbit/s gross, depending on frequency band), downward-compatible with WLAN 802.11g and b
  • WLAN Eco and DECT Full Eco Mode reduce transmission power and electricity consumption
  • Guest access - secure surfing for friends and visitors
  • Sharing Internet access via LAN or WLAN
  • Factory-secured using WLAN and DECT encryption, as well as a preset firewall
  • DECT Eco: deactivation of radio signal as and when required
  • Secure remote access via the Internet (VPN)
  • Numerous additional and convenient features
  • Average power consumption: 6-8 watts