Pen-type Multimeter Appar 17

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Part Number: APPA 17
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Pen multimeter with big easy to read LCD display for both digital and analogue display. Scale length 3200, 65-division analogue '''bargraph''' scale. The multimeter is designed for one-hand measurement. Measures direct/alternating voltage and resistance with automatic ranging. Provided with connection test with beeper, diode test, ''''Data Hold'''' for freezing measurement value and auto shut-off. Optional integration of APPA 15 for measuring alternating current. High safety with 600 V surge voltage protection units for all measurement ranges. Manufactured according to the IEC 1010 and UL 1244 safety standards. Temperature adaptor APPA 11, -50 to +1000 C This adaptor can be integrated with the multimeter (APPA 17) to achieve temperature measurement. Reversible C/F. Supplied with sensor type K. Current clamp APPA 15, 0.1-300 Aac This clamp tool can be integrated with the multimeter (APPA 17) to achieve alternating current measurement. Supplied with batteries, test lead with black test pin, 2 units red test pins (1 short, 1 long), insulated crocodile clip, soft casing and Swedish/English manual. Temperature adaptor (APPA 11) and clamp tool (APPA 15) ordered separately.