Valueline, Vertical Cable Manager for 2 & 4 Post Racks, 84in H X 6in W, Double-Sided with Doors

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Valueline, Vertical Cable Manager for 2 & 4 Post Racks, 84"H X 6"W, Double-Sided with Doors
This 6" wide, high capacity vertical cable manager for 2 and 4 Post open frame racks features a double-sided cable channel with multiple internal cable tie-off locations and smooth plastic fingers at 1U increments for organized patching applications


  • Fiber management : Supports toolless installation of AR8444 fiber spools.
  • Cable protection : Smooth plastic fingers provide proper bend radius.
  • High capacity cable finger design : Cable managers feature high capacity slim cable fingers to provide maximum capacity at every rackspace unit and a rigid design to decrease deflection when cables are routed in/out of the cable manager channel.
  • Horizontal cable routing front-to-back : Pass-through holes and mounting slots support horizontal cable troughs for front-to-back cable pass-through using cable management accessory AR8016ABLK.
  • Cable management tie-off backplate for accessories : Backplates feature multiple mounting holes for toolless accessory installation of cable management accessories such as hook-and-loop cable managers and straps (AR8621) and fiber spools for excess fiber slack management (AR8444).
  • Dual-hinging full length door : Door installs quickly without tools and hinges from the left or right to allow access inside the vertical cable manager channel.
  • Unassembled for rapid assembly onsite : Vertical cable managers are packaged unassembled and designed with a simple snap together design for rapid onsite assembly and installation.



  • Net Weight : 14.09 KG
  • Maximum Height : 2134.00 mm
  • Maximum Width : 152.00 mm
  • Maximum Depth : 572.00 mm
  • Color : Black