Refrigerator Water Filter EF9603/3M

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Ice Maker Water Filter Samsung have two external filters that are used in their refrigerators, namely the EF-9603 and the WSF-100. The EF-9603 may also be marked 'Magic Water Filter'. These are disposable sausage-shaped filters that fit behind the refrigerator - usually plumbed-in via 1/4" outside diameter flexible piping. 3M Cuno NSF waterfilter 2500Gallons ( 9464Ltr) Compatible Samsung Fridge Models: RS21DCMS1, RS21DCNS1, RS21DCSV1, RS21FCNS1, RS21FCSV1, RS21FGRS1, SS20SH1, SS20SH2, SS20SP1, SS20WG1, SS20WH1, SS20WH2, SS20WH3, SS20WH5, SS20XA1, SS20XM1, SS20XM2, SS20XS1, S24ADESWQN, S24AHESWQN, SS20SP2 Branding waterfilter: 3M Cuno NSF/ANSI report: 515939-04


Part no.: EF-9603 (compatible with WSF-100) Water pressure range: 20 - 125 Psi Life: 500 Gallons